Katrina Reflection

Katrina Reflection

After day two, the members of the Katrina track have completed a lot of work. This morning, we went to a Question and Answer session at the Mississippi Development Authority and specifically spoke with two women who work for the Neighborhood Program. This program helps low-income victims reconstruct or completely rebuild their homes that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina. They told us about successful stories as well as heart wrenching stories where they had to close cases and were unable to get construction completed.

The biggest lesson learned from this track: make a will and correctly document contracts! Much of what we are doing is back-work to find original wills, deeds, and find other avenues around estate issues.

As for the rest of the week, I am looking forward to visiting the Chancery Court to see proceedings and even more excited to visit a rebuilt home in the area!

Pictured are the four CSL students who are working the Katrina track including, David, Val, myself, and Chris; our Mississippi Center for Justice track supervisor Tanya; and the two Neighborhood Program workers.

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