Day 2 Reflections

“Think like a lawyer.” All of our professors have told us that they will modify our thought processes so that after graduation we will be ready to tackle real life problems. Already in my second year of law school, thinking like a lawyer is something I could not even imagine. However, after the second day of working on claims for the BP oil spill, I have learned that the conventional methods of finding solutions for clients does not always work.

During my short time working with the staff at MCJ, I have already learned that thinking outside of the box is necessary to solve some complex issues. Some of the claims we have been working on include subsistence fishing and loss of income for individuals and businesses. Fortunately, my tuition is paying off and I have successfully applied the knowledge I have gained from law school. I believe my writing skills have enabled me to provide an accurate description of the clients’ plights, and my supervising attorney is pleased with the attention to detail I give to each client’s case. Hopefully, these clients will be able to receive just compensation for their losses. Thus far, I believe I am making a difference, and I look forward to making an impact at the MCJ during the rest of my stay.

-Imran Farooqi

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