Will we all follow New York’s Lead?

Last year, New York announced that it would require fifty (50) hours of pro bono legal work for bar admission  in the Empire State.  Will other state jurisdictions follow?  As a law student at the Charlotte School of Law, how do you feel about this?

We were all fortunate to have David Udell, Executive Director of the National Center for Access to Justice visit Charlotte School of Law in October 2012 to elaborate on this new admission rule.  http://about.bloomberglaw.com/2013/01/11/is-the-new-york-50-hour-requirement-changing-the-future-of-law-student-pro-bono/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

UC Irvine Dean Erwin Chemerinsky advocates for required pro bono bar admission everywhere…what do you think?


–The CSL Pro Bono Program

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One Response to Will we all follow New York’s Lead?

  1. The legal profession has a monopoly on providing legal services and the duty to help those who cannot afford legal services. All law students and lawyers should be expected to do pro bono work. The New York requirement should be a model for state bars across the country.

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